13 April 2012

Social Shoe

Espadrilles, originating from the Pyreness, were first worn by men but by the 1940s women were sporting this (then flat) form of footwear as well. The first high-heeled espadrille was launched in the 1960s through a collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent and espadrille-maker Castañer. Founded in 1927, Castañer had experienced many hardships including the Spanish Civil War and it was through the elevation of the espadrille literally in height and in
social status that the company was restored to glory. 

Rumored to have been the uniform footwear of the Aragonese king around the thirteenth century, the espadrille's wearable nature runs deep in its history. Wearers of this jute-soled shoe should embrace its endless, exceptional qualities this social season. A women instead of sinking her heels into the ground at outdoor events, should opt for this wedged style. If selecting a pair with long ties, she should experiment with various tying methods prior to wearing them in a social setting.  I prefer to position my self-tied bow at the back or inner area of the ankle. 
Fidgeting with one's shoes will be obsolete due in part to the effort required to tie perfect bows (an effort one would surely not like to waste). Comfortable footwear allows one to focus on important things... like not sounding as unintelligent as Hilary Rosen on the Anderson Cooper show.


  1. Loving the picture! Your toe polish is gorgeous and I love the pink and green sheos! xo

  2. What a cute picture:)

  3. So beautiful colors on this picture! I have similar shoes :)
    Would you like to stop by and tell me what you think?


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    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  5. LOVE your shoes! They're so cute!

    P.S. Thanks for the follow! Have a great week!

  6. Adorable! Espadrilles are fun for spring and summer. They always pair nicely with a summer dress.

    Have a geat week! xo



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