10 April 2012

Lipstick Beginnings

My days of refusing to wear makeup were not that long ago. So when I reflect on how long it took me to even think about trying lipstick and subsequently find one that I would be willing to be seen with in public, I conclude that lipstick is one of the most advanced cosmetics that exist. I do not mean "advanced" as in a sense of newness but in a sense that it greatly matures a woman’s look and can prove complicated for inexperienced wearers. Myself falling firmly into the novice camp was forced to make quick decisions during my first day wearing Poppy King. Time spent in front of the mirror cannot be rushed; lipstick outside the lip line or gathered in a clump is far more noticeable than any mishap involving other types of cosmetics. Applying lipstick demands preciseness and is best applied in a non-frazzled state. If you are too rushed during mornings before work save the lippy routine for when you arrive at your place of employment (after breakfast of course).

Starving yourself is one way to keep your lipstick on all day but ladies let us not.  Quickly I accepted that reapplication is part of lipstick protocol.
 Drinking through a straw is more lipstick friendly than drinking without one, unless you get kicks out of painting the rim of your cup red. Your lipstick may make it through hors d'oeuvres if you eat very strategically. But from what I hear unless you have applied lip liner on the whole of your lip area under the lipstick, it may not hold well. 

Having warmed up to lipstick less than two weeks ago, I am quite proud at having ventured into the domain of the nude lip liner, a place I never thought I would go. I have established that lipstick will be wiped off before meals but never with a cloth napkin at the dinner table (I mind my manners).

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