22 December 2011

Pass the Clutch

Small purses do not often fall into my favor. A bag’s ability to hold my Starbucks thermos, PINK water bottle, SLR camera, current reading material and Archie Grand notebook of writings still in progress is the determining factor in a pending purse purchase. Lately I have been reluctant to separate from my many necessities. Due to my requested presence at holiday festivities, I was forced to confront the notion of traveling light and insecurities of venturing out of doors with what I like to call a less than substantial bag. Recently I have been very keen to elevate the clutch’s status from standard evening item to stunning daytime staple. When holiday season concludes and work routines commence, pretty golden clutch must take a back seat to Kate Spade carryall while I manage entrepreneurial endeavors, only to materialize after 5 pm.



  1. Pretty bag. I really like it.

  2. I LOVE that clutch! I like my bags to be pretty big too but little ones *are* very pretty!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I thought James Dean looked like James Franco too, I thought it was just me though!

    Bx http://glamourandgrungefashion.blogspot.com/



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