31 December 2011

Face Area

My makeup routine begins simply with maintaining healthy skin.  In addition to staying hydrated with Brita filtered water, Proactiv has played a major role in my beauty routine for the last 10 years.  Of course everyone experiences occasions when his/her skin is less than satisfactory and I am no exception. Overall I am very pleased with my ‘less is more approach’ to makeup. There was once a time when I loathed foundation.  I couldn’t stand the idea nor the practice of rubbing a paint-like substance onto my face.  The whole ordeal just reminded me of finger painting gone wrong.  Then I discovered foundation also came in mineral form. Now I am pretty loyal to L'Oreal Paris Bare Naturale. I could never understand why some women feel it necessary to cram many shades of eye shadow onto eyelids.  Theoretically more time in front of the vanity is suppose to make a woman more beautiful but that is not always the case.  The amount of eye makeup one applies is not supposed to directly correspond with the monumentality of the social occasion at hand. A groomed eyebrow, lightly lined eye and brushed lashes are the three key components of a natural looking eye area – something to keep in mind for the approaching social season. When it comes to tinted or painted lips, I have yet to find a flattering shade but when I finally do lip liner will not be present in any part of that equation. Thus far simple Chapstick has never steered me wrong.
A selection of the daily lineup (right to left): Line Express in soft black, Define-A-Line in brownish black, XXL Curl Power in very black – all by Maybelline New York atop page 322 of Martha Stewart Weddings Winter 2012.


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