19 December 2011

3 Days Till Winter In the Northern Hemisphere

A month after acquiring my first camel sweater, wool pilling proved bothersome. Unable in recent years to find a decently priced sweater comb, I attempted several self-made household remedies for pilling removal.  I first combed the material in a downward motion using a small-toothed hair comb earning the neutral piece marks of improvement.  Then I attempted to trim off the pilling cloud using small scissors.  I was sure that this remedy combined with a thorough lint brush rolling would be more than adequate but unfortunately only scored 4 on a 1-5 scale.  When friend V.W. shared his secrets on sweater care, I was taken aback when he revealed that a cheap handheld razor was all that was needed.  He couldn’t have been more correct and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about sweater’s stellar condition.



  1. Ahhh super cute and simpe outfit Megan, love how you layered with a stripe top and this camel knit is nice, I want one for myself! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following you back ;)

    Happy Holidays girly! <3



  2. I haven't seen you for a while. You are looking fab. Ultra chic in your glitter toes and camel and breton stripes and olive topper. Good go, girl. Stop by again soon.

  3. That's what I use, a simple razor. I have a silk cardigan that I can't dream to part with it so I gently use a razor for upkeep. Looking fabulous!!

  4. cute !! Waiting you on my blog



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