17 November 2011

Formality is Seldom Optional

President of the United States Barack Obama and Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard hosted a joint press conference in Canberra’s Parliament House earlier this week. My attention was diverted away from talks to strengthen American and Australian military ties to contemplate why Mr. President would refer to Ms. Gillard by her first name on multiple occasions. Maybe a bout of superciliousness was to blame that perhaps went pardoned by Prime Minister Gillard, who herself failed to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth upon her arrival in Canberra at the middle of last month. Seldom is formality optional. Ladies if you cannot curtsy properly now is as good of a time as ever to learn. Only Australian Governor General Quentin Bryce is exempt from etiquette lessons. For everyone else consult an etiquette expert, manual or at least the video below.

Manners are always fashionable. One of my favorite authors Jerramy Fine shares why.


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