18 October 2011

Time For Timex

More than occasionally I leave the house without my cell phone, either because I simply forgot it or because I don’t care enough about it to remember to pack it. I am not fond of talking on the phone in public for hours at a time. And I find people who feel the need to yap for an hour’s train ride about his/her personal life quite rude. I don’t need to know the latest details about the humongous argument you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are having. I especially don’t need to witness an all-out phone war first hand. The best and most useful feature on a cell phone is the time.

On days when I am separated from my phone, I do not miss it because I am unable to text or run my mouth. Instead, I long for constant access of the time in order to run my life on schedule. The last time I had a watch that I could call mine was over a decade and a half ago. So it is quite monumental that I was recently united with Mr. Timex with interchangeable straps in northern Massachusetts.

Never again will I have to ask someone for the time in public and stand awkwardly while he/she shows me his/her watch face, expecting me to read the analogue time through sun glare or reflections of passersby. Nor will I have to hold my phone in my hand for an entire commute. I perhaps won’t even have to put up with complete strangers asking me to use my phone “…real quick” because they need to make a phone call. I can just sit and read my book, mind my business, and hope others do the same, while keeping up with Mr. Time the old fashioned way.



  1. LOVE the watch! What a beautiful strap too :)

  2. I love the the color of your watch :)

  3. Hi dear
    Thanks for comment
    Love this kind of watches, this color is beautiful

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  4. I loveee the color of the watch band! :) x

  5. Wonderful color, and the plate of the watch!!




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