27 October 2011

The Importance of Stationary

I have great respect for the written word.  One of the greatest luxuries I give myself is free time to read.  I have kept every single card ever received.   Occasionally I sit in the middle of my bedroom floor and dump them all into a large pile.  I pull each one from its individual envelope and reminisce about times and relatives past.  In an age where exchange of words has become most impersonal, postage has risen and many people do not correspond via handwritten means, I feel quite loved when I find myself the recipient of a handwritten note/letter/card.

Many messages such as “thank you”, “congratulations”, “hello”, and especially an apology appear much sweeter if penned on personal stationary.  Furthermore a handwritten message by nature can be kept for years and accessed at the recipient’s will.  I am quite content when I find my letters to dear ones proudly hung on refrigerators or perched on dressing tables, serving as a small token of my endearment.


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  1. combination of gold and white, fabulous :* anyway, how are you?



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