22 August 2011

Shade Shopping

I always paint my nails myself as well as those of friends.  I am dreadfully particular about nail color, which is why I only own about five shades.  When I visit Sephora or other overwhelming beauty product shopping destinations, I am confronted with no less than 100 options – and that is just nail lacquer alone.  Oftentimes instead of emerging from nail polish heaven with one color, I exit empty handed because an hour was simply not enough time for me to fall in love with a shade.  There is the fast drying nail polish, great for those who have no time and insist on touching up a manicure on the morning commute.  There is polish that appears to crack like pavement but not peel. For the girl who always has her hand in someone else’s face (perhaps you’re a bully or maybe a bit sassy and you like to give the talk to the hand gesture), there is polish infused with fragrance that smells delightful after nails have dried. 


1 comment:

  1. Щрб I'm so into nail polishes! And that's a pity that Sephora stays no longer in Rassia :-(



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