26 July 2011

Never View a British Event with American Commentary

I obtained the Royal Wedding footage complete with BBC commentary the moment it was available for purchase. Unfortunately the gift I received for tuning into ABC, while viewing the event live was horrid American commentary.  Three months later, the only thing I remember Barbara Walters saying was how thin Katherine looked and just how small her waist was.  In contrast BBC showered its viewers with noteworthy facts such as the “veil..held in place by the queen’s Halo Tiara.. has been loaned to her especially for this day by the queen; made by Cartier.”  As Katherine entered Westminster and prepared to grace the isle to Charles Hubert Hastings Parry’s I Was Glad, it was revealed that the gown was indeed ivory and white satin gazar. 

The media has been making such an uproar about the Duchess of Cambridge’s weight or in this case, lack of it. Don’t get me wrong, they also comment on what she is wearing as well.  However, the issue of her weight is not an issue at all; just say she looks gorgeous and move on.  Criticizing someone for something that is no one’s business is impolite. But no one ever said the media had impeccable manners.



  1. Anonymous28 July, 2011

    NEAT. Thank you for stopping by mu blog Megan.I hope you will follow my blog, too. See you soon.

  2. Anonymous28 July, 2011

    By the way,even as an American, I always prefer British commentary to Barbara Walters. Americans commentators are so maudlin and moralizing, don't you think?

  3. FashionMe Chic28 July, 2011

    You know here in the US, we pay attention to so many details. It is all about looks. The weight issue is huge. if you are too big there will let you know, if you are too skinny they will let you know. No one wins. You have to take it for what it is. I get tease for my lack of meat but I don't care. I guess in NY girls like me are simply too busy doing their thing to let things of that nature ruin their lives. Nice post. You got me to comment on it.

  4. OK, I am also American and I do agree somewhat. Weight is a big deal here, and like the above poster said, you really can't win.

    The thing is, as soon as Catherine gains a pound, she will be on the cover of US Weekly, with a caption about her becoming obese since landing a prince:)




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