19 July 2011

Airport Style

It was on my first flight from LA to Sydney that I learned (the hard way) never to wear sneakers on a 14-hour plane ride. I had opted for a Lakai pair designed by Mike Carroll (yes, I went through an extreme sports phase) and although I received many compliments from passersby, they should have stayed in my luggage until landing. I thoroughly enjoy traveling. I love lingering in the airport, buying magazines while on the go and the feeling of finally being reunited with my clothing and my DVF luggage after a long journey. But the airport can be a battleground for a host of things gone wrong: lost luggage, misplaced tickets and now even threats of terror. Airport style should not be on the list of things to worry about. Extreme comfort should be the number one priority when dressing for a long journey but this is no excuse to sacrifice style.

Five simple, comfortable wardrobe options for the traveling girl include:

All too often I see women wearing leggings the wrong way.  If they are not opaque I don't want to see them. Pairing leggings with flats is always chic, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.  A tunic or slouchy tee that covers the bum should be worn on top. Feel free to add a scarf, bug-eye sunglasses and cardigan or lightweight jacket to finish this ensemble.  

Maxi dress 
Chic flip flops and aviators compliment this staple piece and will surely channel your inner Miami fashionista.  A lightweight military jacket or jean jacket will render this look "flight ready." 
Jeans with a Hint of Stretch 
I never wear jeans that are 100 percent cotton.  I always need a little bit of stretch for comfort.  If you opt to wear jeans while traveling, make sure they are the softest and most comfortable pair you own. Wear with a chic button down and flats or flip flops. Add a lightweight jacket or vest for warmth. 

Slim Fitting or Trouser Fit Khakis 
Khakis should not only be worn for work purposes. Enhance this staple with boat shoes and a striped sweater. Or you may instead don a striped tank paired with a bold colored cardigan. 

Add a little sophistication to your sundress by throwing a blazer into the mix. Chic flat sandals such as gladiators (not the kind that fasten all the way up the leg) are a smart finishing touch.


Wishing you all safe and stylish travels this season and lots of Joy.


  1. i love to travel but hate to fly... :(

  2. Totally agree on your leggings comment - I hate seeing women wearing leggings that are transparent or wearing them as trousers with a short top. It is my current fashion pet hate! that being said I am wearing a pair just now but with a tunic top! x



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