23 May 2011

Please Don't Steal

One of the things that makes a blog appealing is its original content.  It is really a shame when an artist/writer is not given credit for his/her work.  But I do believe in Karma! I ask that when you take content from this blog please make sure that you cite it by linking the website. These photographs, unless otherwise specified belong to me.  In particular I am flattered that you all (gypsysoul, loststrangerforunddnd, myflawshavegoodintentions, BenteochorestainascoltoRandomitusclevercreativecuriouscaringcrazymariangelagstoxicpain)  adore Love Letters Via Tiffany & Co. but remember that I and my second shooter A.C. are responsible for these images. Link them back to aussie-blue.com if you decide to repost them or if you have already done so and have not cited this website. 



  1. I agree with you! I also don't get it when people don't give credit where credit is due!

  2. See the resolved issue:




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