31 May 2011

Taste of Cincinnati

The Taste of Cincinnati is the longest running culinary arts festival in the U.S. Beginning in 1979, the celebration is held annually on Memorial Day weekend and boast participation of more than 40 restaurants, which serve food from booths lining six city blocks on Fifth Street in the Downtown section of Cincinnati, Ohio.  My favorite vendor was an English pub, which serves the Best Fish & Chips.


25 May 2011

Stripes of Green


23 May 2011

Please Don't Steal

One of the things that makes a blog appealing is its original content.  It is really a shame when an artist/writer is not given credit for his/her work.  But I do believe in Karma! I ask that when you take content from this blog please make sure that you cite it by linking the website. These photographs, unless otherwise specified belong to me.  In particular I am flattered that you all (gypsysoul, loststrangerforunddnd, myflawshavegoodintentions, BenteochorestainascoltoRandomitusclevercreativecuriouscaringcrazymariangelagstoxicpain)  adore Love Letters Via Tiffany & Co. but remember that I and my second shooter A.C. are responsible for these images. Link them back to aussie-blue.com if you decide to repost them or if you have already done so and have not cited this website. 


19 May 2011

Love Letters Via Tiffany & Co.

Photographs were shot on location at Tiffany's.


18 May 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Photographs were shot on location at Tiffany's.

12 May 2011

Trench Belt Repurposed

The moment I returned home with my newly purchased Zara trench coat I immediately removed the belt and cuff straps. Rather than advance the coat’s simplistic silhouette and romantic ruching on the shoulder, the belt and cuff straps proved extraneous and overbearing for my short frame. I have never worn the trench with its original belt because it usually renders my look entirely too “matchy matchy.”

The khaki belt does provide an easy horizontal transitional line between a top and skirt. This look can be achieved by simply placing the belt where the waist of the skirt meets the shirt. After the belt is snuggly buckled, the remaining excess strap can be wrapped around the wearer and tucked neatly into the secured portion of the belt. The result should be a clean seamless khaki line with no protruding ends. Often I prefer to turn the buckle to the back of the ensemble. The neutral transitional line is also effective when wearing summer sundresses and comes to full maturation when balanced with another neutral element of some sort (such as nude shoes).

Another alternative to adding more milage to your bland belt and/or cuff straps is to color them with fabric paint; I prefer a neon pink or lime green. The same concept may be applied to neutral colored shirt dress belts.


10 May 2011

Old City Dusk



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