29 November 2010


"I've been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black."
-Pierre-Auguste Renoir

As I unpacked my wardrobe freshman year with Jessie, the absence of the color black in my closet became quite clear. I did not own one piece of black clothing. My pink, yellow and blue cotton cardigans continued to compliment my attire for the next year, even during the snow-filled winter months.

The winter of sophomore year, my college cheerleading team attended a Philadelphia Eagles football game to helped raise money for breast cancer. Everyone was required to wear black pants - I did not own one pair. During one of the gaps in my academic schedule I rushed to the closest bargain basement (a.k.a Ross) and frantically looked for a pair of black pants that would suffice for a cold night out at the football stadium. I settled for a velvet/felt-like pair by the urban brand Southpole. The lint that constantly accumulated on my first pair of black pants went undetected our first night out. The fact that despite matter how much I lint rolled them they were never lint free, became evident with consecutive wears. I tucked them into the dark bowels of my closet, while experiencing buyer's remorse.

Target amongst a few other shopping destinations is one place on Earth that never fails to bring me joy. When the leggings craze was revived on a massive scale during my junior year, of course Target's brand Xhilaration offered more than a few in different styles. Initially I vowed never to wear leggings as pants like everyone else, but while perusing the clothing section of the same store at which I buy my Christmas cards I spotted/tried on/purchased a cotton pair in black. Thus I began to wear leggings as pants like everyone else and was shocked at how comfortable they were and how accepting I had been of black "pants." Subsequently at least twenty more pairs of my newfound black "pant" matriculated into my armoire. I realized that not all black clothing has to be lint brushed for an hour prior to wear, like my first pair of black pants.

I invited black into my wardrobe more often after growing fond of leggings in that color. My affection blossomed and I purchased in black sine buyer's remorse numerous chic pants, tees, blazers, dresses, shoes, a cosmetic case, a belt and a jacket by The North Face.

I fell in love with a color that is versatile, flattering and classic; it knows no boundaries. I have been told that the sky is the limit pre and post-graduation; and as I graced the red carpet in May 2010 wearing a glorious black robe and black leather peep toe heels, symbolic of my academic achievement and broadening of my wardrobe horizons, I believed it.


19 November 2010

Love For A-Line

The Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 collection has nurtured my love for the A-line silhouette. I adore amping up the volume on menswear inspired pieces.


31 March 2010

Marcel Wanders: Daydreams

Philadelphia Museum of Art
November 22, 2009 - June 13, 2010

Marcel Wanders, the Dutch artist behind this exhibit plummets visitors into a dreamy atmosphere. The massive "Calvin" lamp dwarfs visitors who view it from its underside. The draping fabric composing the lamp shade is offset against a soft white light, bathing the viewer in a sea of cloud-like material. The gold "Knotted Chair" was the first design that brought the artist international recognition. Designed for Droog Design in 1996, the aramid-and-carbon fiber macrame chair is exhibited suspending from a large sky blue balloon.
"Calvin" Lamp

"Venus" Chair

"Big Ben Bianco" Bell

Gold Knotted Chair

"Venus" Chair and "Wallflower" Lamps

"Since the beginning of my career, I have tried to open the hearts of people and inspire them to make their lives into masterpieces. This exhibition shows some highlights of my work in a specially created Philly dreamscape. I hope the exhibition will educate, entertain, and above all, inspire all those who visit, to dream."
- Marcel Wanders


30 March 2010

Inspiring Fashion: Gifts from Designers Honoring Tom Marotta

Philadelphia Museum of Art
September 12, 2009 - Summer 2010



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